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ComplyCube: Thwart Fraudsters With Smarter KYC

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solutions Companies – 2022

It’s difficult to fathom that not too long ago, consumers had to go to an ATM or visit a local bank to deposit checks. Today, to complete a deposit, it just requires logging into a mobile banking application (app) on a smartphone.It’s no surprise that today’s financial management is increasingly becoming a digital experience. Foryears, financial services have stayed ahead of the curve owing to the early adopters of online banking apps and financial planning tools. This change hasbeen aided by artificial intelligence (AI), and the pandemic has only sped up the adoption of modern technologies.

As the job market upended, regulations shifted,and customers became more reliant on governmentassistance than ever before, the sector turned toartificial intelligence to meet increased demand.

Artificial intelligence or automatedis widely used in financial services for a variety ofpurposes, including loan application evaluation,recruitment, and fraud detection. Whether it’s AI,the internet of things (IoT), or digital reality, theglobal rate of technical developments is directlyrelated to the global AI in banking market growth.

Choosing a suitable artificial intelligence solutionprovider is paramount; and there are a variety ofsuch companies that cater to the different needsof the market. To help industry leaders choosethe right consulting solution providertheir requirements, Banking CIO Outlook hascompiled a list of the Top 10 Artificial IntelligenceSolution Providers. The enlisted companies are theforerunners in the market, providing a wide spanof features. Besides, the magazine also comprisesinsights from thought leaders in the sector on theindustry trends and challenges, recent innovations,and best practices.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solutions Providers – 2022.”

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solutions Companies

  • ComplyCube is a leading SaaS and API platform for identity verification, anti-money laundering, and know your customer compliance, with prominent customers in financial services, telecoms, healthcare, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, travel, and more

  • Interactions


    Interactions provides Intelligent virtual assistants that seamlessly combine artificial intelligence and human understanding to enable businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations

  • Abrigo


    Abrigo provides market-leading compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions to enable its customers to think bigger, allowing them to both manage risk and drive growth

  • ComplyAdvantage


    ComplyAdvantage provides a suite of configurable cloud services that integrate seamlessly to help automate processes while complying with Sanctions, AML, and CTF regulations



    FICO (NYSE: FICO) is a leading analytics software company that helps businesses in over ninety countries make better decisions that drive higher levels of growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction

  • NLX


    NLX provides conversational AI SaaS products to help brands transform their customer interactions into automated, personalized self-service experiences

  • Pegasus Knowledge Solutions

    Pegasus Knowledge Solutions

    Pegasus Knowledge Solutions provides advanced analytic software and services and partners with the industry-leading providers to help customers create value from their data, bringing a range of talents

  • Perativ


    Perativ’s proprietary SaaS platform allows financial institutions to transform their costly and complex cash distribution networks (ATM, CDU, Branch Vault) and maximize availability through advanced service monitoring and SLA tracking

  • Squirro


    Squirro provides an AI studio that allows business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists to rapidly develop Artificial Intelligence and machine learning models through a user-friendly and visual interface

  • TruEra


    TruEra provides AI quality solutions to help enterprises analyze machine learning, improve model quality, build trust, and eliminate the black box surrounding widely used AI and ML technologies